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1 Constance Markieviez Constance Markieviez

Campaigned tirelessly for the rights of women, workers, and Ireland. Read more

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2 Constance Markieviez Constance Markieviez

An original programmer at a time when computers were people. Read more

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3 Constance Markieviez Constance Markieviez

Broke the mould to become the first woman to ever work on a stock exchange floor. Read more

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4 Caramel Snow Caramel Snow

Conquered the fashion world and led it for over 20 years as as Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar. Read more

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5 Caramel Snow Caramel Snow

A Pirate Queen who bowed to no one. She ruled from Connacht and inspired a nation. Read more

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6 Caramel Snow Caramel Snow

A Mountaineer who reached peaks no one had ever reached before. Read More

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