Women's Museum of Ireland


  • 8 March '19

    Women’s Museum of Ireland pop up in Tesco Ireland brings women’s history to life for International Women’s Day

    To mark International Women’s Day, the Women’s Museum of Ireland have partnered with Tesco Ireland, to shine a light on the inspirational women of Irish history, with special installations across Tesco stores for a limited time.

    Jeanne Sutton, co-founder of the Women’s Museum of Ireland said “We’re very proud to have a spotlight cast on our women of history with Tesco for International Women’s Day. With no physical location, our Museum lives online and we’re very happy to have it brought to life across Ireland with the help of Tesco Ireland; we’ll reach a whole new audience and the stories of our Women will live on in new mediums”.

    Ruairi Twomey, marketing director of Tesco Ireland, said “We’re incredibly proud to partner with the Women’s Museum of Ireland for this celebration of International Women’s Day. We’re inspired everyday by the women across the country who work and shop in our stores and hope to inspire the next generation by telling the somewhat unknown stories of inspirational women of Irish history.”

    The six women featured are:

    Oonah Keogh (1903 - 1989) – Finance

    Kay McNulty (1921 - 2006) – Computing

    Carmel Snow (1887 - 1961) – Fashion

    Lizzie Le Blond (1860 - 1934) – Adventurist

    Grace O’Malley (1530 - 1603) – Pirate Queen

    Constance Markievicz (1868 - 1927) – Politics

    These women’s stories have been brought to life through live podcasts, now available to listen to here

    Through the installations the Women’s Museum of Ireland is bringing the museum to the everyday shopper, providing a little piece of history into the day and bringing the virtual museum to an accessible and free location.