Women's Museum of Ireland


  • 1 November '15

    WMI meets Project Bowes

    Adam O'Keeffe / ©2015 Project Bowes

    In October WMI co-founder Jeanne Sutton and board member Zoë Coleman met with story-telling project, Project Bowes, to talk about the museum and the Women of Dublin Map.

    Project Bowes tells the stories of Dublin and so we brought them to some of our favourite women’s history locations in the city.

    When you live in a place for a long time, sometimes not even a long time, you start to think you know it. The streets hold special things for you as do the places you visit, the shops, the cafes and restaurants, the bars, the parks, the galleries or the libraries - wherever you go, and if you’re lucky you feel a part of it. The city is yours and you have a place in it.

    But often you never really know a place, but instead hold a version of it in your mind that matches your experience.

    Dublin is a place full of history, a history that we learn about in school and that is then forever retold in broad strokes. But what about the stories that are left out of those large narratives, what about the parts that are never told?

    In 2012, four young women set out to answer a version of that question when they established The Women’s Museum of Ireland. As the name suggests, the museum is concerned with bringing women’s history in Ireland to the fore and next year they’re launching a Women of Dublin History Map. On a very blustery Saturday afternoon, we meet co-founder Jeanne Sutton and board member Zoë Coleman, to find out more about it.

    Read the full interview and see pictures from our day at Project Bowes