Women's Museum of Ireland

About the museum

Founded in November 2012, The Women’s Museum of Ireland is a project that aims to promote the formal recognition of the role of women in Irish history as well as the role of Irish women abroad. The museum hopes to educate the public about the contributions of women to cultural, political and social history in Ireland, and the role Irish women have played overseas. Encompassing the rural and urban, the political and domestic, the Women’s Museum of Ireland will bring together research on women’s history and generate public discussion on the impact and achievements of the women of Ireland. In doing so the museum hopes to encourage the continuation of these successes in a new generation of women in Ireland and abroad.

The Women’s Museum of Ireland currently has no physical location and exists online as a virtual museum. The museum also hosts temporary pop-up exhibitions and events, details of which can be found on our blog.

Museum Board

Jean Sutton (Director)
Kate Cunningham (Director)
Zoe Coleman
Holly Furlong